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Interior Design Delhi FAQ's

Is it important to design homes as per Vastu shastra?

Currently, almost everyone builds their homes as per Indian Vastu shastra. The principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space organisation and planning, and spatial geometry are all detailed in the Indian Vastu Shastra.

What includes in front elevation?

What is the cost of interior design?

The cost of interior design depends on your designs and the size of the area. The charges of interior design can differ from 3-10 lakhs but the square feet area of the house also plays an important role as the interior design cost of the villa would be different from the cost of a flat.

What includes in structural drawings?

Drawings and calculations are the two primary categories of structural design documentation. Unless your project is simple or cosmetic, you will need to get multiple licences before you can begin work. Permits for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and demolition work, as well as one for the entire project, may be required. Structural drawings include details of steel or bars, beams, pillars, concrete mixing, steel thickness, and so forth.

What are the areas included in residential design?

Interior design is a component of architecture that focuses on creating interior spaces that are both useful and visually pleasing. Still, because we have diverse types of residential buildings, it stands to reason that we have varied types of interior designs. Residential design, or the interiors of spaces where people live, is one of the most important fields for designers. This includes homes, apartments, condos, and any other place where people live. The architect may design the house, but it is the designer's responsibility to make it a home.